When you are buying a home it is always recommended to have a home inspection done. Preferably by an experienced and licensed home inspector such as us. We will spend two to four hours at your potential new home examining all aspects of it from the foundation to the roof. After that is complete we will author a 30-40 page full color report with photographs documenting the condition of the property.

Wind Mitigation: A few years ago the State of Florida passed some laws stating that if your home has certian features to it, your insurance company must give you a discount for those features. Most homes will have at least one of these features.

Four Point Inspection: Similar to a home inspection yet much less comprehensive. Only focuses on four major systems of the home for insurance purposes.

Citizens Roof Certification: A basic inspection of just the roof, to certify to the insurance company it is in good condition, currently required only by Citizens Insurance.

Service List:

Home Inspections

Insurance Inspections

Prices for the insurance inspections start at $75. Home inspection pricing varies widely depending on size, location and addition of insurance inspections.


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